"Climbing Up A Mountain, Just For The View" CD/EP

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On "Climbing Up A Mountain, Just For The View":

"Caleb Lionheart show off a sense of range and melody so equally measured that it’s hard not to be enthralled with 'Climbing Up A Mountain, Just For The View.' Highly recommended for fans of the genre." - Will, SOUND AS LANGUAGE

"The group shows flashes of pop-punk/melodic hardcore greatness, deftly visiting the styles of early CRIME IN STEREO, STRIKE ANYWHERE, and NEW MEXICAN DISASTER SQUAD... CALEB LIONHEART are a pop-punk band but they’re keenly aware of which one of those words should have the musical and thematic priority." - PASTEPUNK

"Definitely an improvement showing a band on the upswing. Caleb Lionheart have a shot at really standing out and this is some surefire motivation for it." - PUNKNEWS.ORG

1. Coney Island
2. Make Believe
3. Flag-Folding
4. Our Miracles

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